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Classification/Comp. Plan  

Mission: To recruit and maintain the most qualified and motivated workforce, serving the public in an effective manner and to foster a work environment that promotes equal opportunity, dignity, respect and encourages individuals to reach their maximum potential.

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About Us

Our Strategic Plan


We are a vibrant and prosperous region where everyone thrives and anything is possible.

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We are focused on achieving these results.

Regional Growth  Economic Opportunity Individual Well-Being Mobilize Cross-Sector Resources Provide Superior Services
 1. Our region is economically competitive.
 2. Our businesses are growing and profitable.
 3. Our community is vibrant, dynamic and diverse.
 4. Every child is ready for school on the first day of Kindergarten.
 5. Every student stays in school and has the support needed to graduate high school ready for post-secondary completion and career success.
 6. Every resident is on a path to upward income mobility and career advancement.
 7. All residents are safe, supported and able to care for themselves.
 8. All people have equal access to justice.
 9. All are valued, respected and heard.
 10. Drive collaboration among regional partners.
 11. Co-create systems-level solutions.
 12. Make a difference in everything we do.
 13. Maintain financial strength and operational efficiency.
 14. Provide a superior customer experience.
 15. Make Cuyahoga County an Employer of Choice.

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