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Training Instructor (Temporary) - BOE

Expiration Date: 7/26/2019

Training Instructor (Temporary)                                        
Hourly:  $30.00    (Unclassified)                      

Reports to:   Manager, Election Officials
Hours:  Varies, based on departmental need(s)
Department:    Election Officials 

   Cuyahoga County Board of Elections                                    
                   2925 Euclid Avenue                                       
                   Cleveland, OH 44115

These are temporary positions that include working evenings and weekends; the training schedule is set by the department; As a condition of employment, the individual(s) selected must be willing to work as a Training Assistant for up to two (2) weeks at a rate of pay of $13.50 per hour.  The Training Assistant ensures specified materials/supplies are available for each session and must travel to the Board of Elections at least once a week to replenish supplies.

REQUIREMENTS:  Bachelor’s Degree in training, education or related field and a minimum of three (3) years related experience including teaching or conducting formalized training; or an equivalent combination of education, training and experience. Prior experience as an Election Day Worker and one (1) to (3) three years of training or teaching experience is required; must be able to lift 35 pounds, stand for extended periods of time and be willing to take driving assignments throughout Cuyahoga County; must possess working knowledge of Microsoft Office, Google applications, and possess the ability to learn and train others on new applications and technologies.  Valid Driver’s License and automobile insurance required.

RESPONSIBILITIES:  Under the direct supervision of the Manager of the Election Officials Department, the Training Instructor is responsible for administering training techniques and election procedures to Election Day Officials.  It is the responsibility of the Training Instructor to equip Election Officials with the necessary skills to successfully conduct an election in a professional, courteous, and lawful manner.  Training Instructors must have the ability to interact with individuals of various learning styles, and to conduct classes accordingly utilizing training materials provided by the Election Officials Department, Board of Elections and the Secretary of State.  The Training Instructor conducts business in accordance with the federal election guidelines, the Ohio Revised Code, Policies and Procedures of the State of Ohio, HAVA, NVRA and Cuyahoga County Board of Elections.  They are responsible for conducting training classes throughout Cuyahoga County utilizing the curriculum and lessons plans provided by the Election Officials Department.  This includes comprehending a variety of informational documents and training materials and effectively relaying the information to a diverse audience.  The Training Instructor ensures all training materials and supplies are available for each class session and must travel to the Board of Elections at least once a week to replenish supplies.  Administers assessments at the conclusion of each training session, grades them and submits the results to the Election Officials Department via e-mail on a daily basis.  The Training Instructor provides phone support to Election Officials on Election Day.  They will be required to attend mandatory Training Instructor training sessions to learn the operations and procedures of the Election Officials Department.  The Training Instructor is required to perform all other duties assigned or delegated by the Manager of the Election Officials Department and must adhere to established laws, policies, rules and regulations set forth by the Secretary of State and the Board of Elections.

Applications must be received by 4:00 p.m. – July 26, 2019

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